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A Day of Prayer and Encouragement for Bam Carney is March 6

Friends from Adair and Taylor counties and across the commonwealth are joining together on Friday, March 6 for “A Day of Prayer and Encouragement for Bam Carney.”

Carney, who represents the 51st District in the Kentucky House of Representatives and is a teacher in Taylor County, has been hospitalized since Dec. 22, 2019 after suffering from a life-threatening battle against pancreatitis and an infection. He is constantly improving but still has a long journey ahead.

Friends are encouraged to show support for Bam Carney in their own way but especially encouraged to take time at 11 a.m. CST or noon EST on March 6 to join others in prayer for Carney’s health.

A Facebook page has been created so people can post any event they wish. Everyone is encouraged to post photos and videos sending a message to Carney to show support and love. The page can be found at

Everyone is encouraged to show support by wearing red, white and blue for any photos or videos being submitted and to especially wear those colors to encourage Carney on Friday, March 6. The hashtag #GodsGloryoverBam can be used to tag any event or social media post.

Special prayer events are in the works in Campbellsville and Columbia and details will be made available online and through local media as they become available.

Email to add an activity or to offer help with the effort.

Carney’s brother, Mark, provided an update on Bam’s condition Tuesday:

Today is day 65 for Bam in the same bed and the same ICU room at Norton’s Hospital, but it has been a glorious day for sure.  Bam passed a swallowing test this morning and as a result of that has been able to take a drink of water for the first time in 65 days!!  He is also able to have apple juice – which he has already- and concentrated orange juice as well as ice chips. I can only imagine how that first drink of water tasted.

He also got the chest tube taken out this morning. The chest tube had been in for two weeks draining fluid from around the lungs.  Perhaps some of the best news of the day came from the kidney doctor. He had the news of no dialysis for today, which is the third day in a row of no dialysis. He said the kidneys are not only producing urine as they have been for a few weeks now but that they are also filtering as kidneys should.  He said it looks like there should also be no dialysis tomorrow and if things stay the way they are the port that they have been using to do the dialysis might could come out in a the near future. 

As far as the infection is concerned the white blood count was down to 16 today after reaching a high of 30 on Sunday and 24 yesterday.  Surgeons are still keeping a close watch on the belly wound and all the drains that are draining bile and infection from the pancreas and other organs within the stomach area. As far as physical therapy he is doing well and making some strides even though he has lost lots of muscle mass in shoulders, arms and legs. He is still a weak man that will require lots of physical therapy but we rejoice in the progress we have been able to witness.  To God be the Glory and the Thanks.   

We also want to continue to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each of you for the blessings you have showered over  Bam and our family during his sickness. We continue to be humbled by your many acts of kindness, words of encouragement and the prayers that have been and continue to be uplifted on Bam’s behalf.



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