June 21 in Adair County History

2006:  The Columbia City Council awarded a 15-year franchise bid to Duo County Telecom to provide cable TV services to city residents. All councilors voted in favor of the bid, and Mayor Pat Bell described the deal as an important development.

“This was only a pipe dream a few years ago, and now it’s happening,” Bell said.

Duo County pledged to offer high-definition channels, highspeed internet, expanded channel lineups, and local network affiliates.

2001:  Police confiscated more than 40 cases of beer and three cases of whiskey, gin, and vodka in a local bootlegger raid.

Kentucky State Police and the Adair County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant for the building after stopping a juvenile who admitted to buying alcohol at the location (address not stated in the report). No arrests were made, as no one was on the premises when the raid took place.

1995: The Adair County school system was one of 65 Kentucky school districts to share in an $11.2 million civil judgment to be paid by milk suppliers as a result of an alleged bid-rigging conspiracy.

State Attorney General Chris Gorman announced the settlement, the result of a 1990 federal lawsuit against 15 milk suppliers who were accused of circumventing the competitive bidding process and in effect overcharging the districts by millions of dollars.

Of the $11.2 million, $157,830 was directed back to Adair County.

1957:  A barn fire killed three show horses when lightning struck at the VFW Fairgrounds at approximately 6 p.m. on Monday, June 17, 1957.

Hampered by high winds, driving rain, axle-deep mud, and possible “hot” wires, the Columbia Volunteer Fire Dept. fought the blaze to a standstill and not much more, but were able to keep the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.

“When we saw the blaze from the highway,” one unidentified fireman told The Adair County News, “we knew there was no use in even trying to save it. All we could do was stop the fire from spreading down the line.”