June 7 in Adair County History


2010: Adair County residents collectively gave more than $100,000 to charitable causes in less than a week.

During a weekend that saw both collections for the annual WHAS Crusade for Children and the Adair County Relay for Life, local donors gave more than $74,000 for cancer research and better than $30,000 for the Crusade.

1994: Wilson Fields, which at the time operated the United States’ only air-chilled poultry processing plant, located in Adair County, announced a $10.7 million expansion project which aimed to bring 300-400 new jobs to the community.

Doug Grossman, a majority owner of Wilson Fields, made the announcement at Columbia Café during a meeting that was also attended by state Agriculture Commissioner Ed Logsdon. Logsdon said the expansion was contingent to the company’s application to the Kentucky Rural Economic Development Authority being approved.

1990: Oil well strikes on Melson Ridge continued with two successful Granville formation wells being drilled in a single week.

Jimmy Reliford and Majestic Management Corp. hit their fourth successful well in a row on the Leon Thomas lease, and Sammy Taylor and Cor-Ken-Tex drilled in another well on the Ezra Bunch lease.

1987: Following a four-day trial, an Adair County Circuit Court jury found former District Judge Jack D. Wood innocent of charges of arson and fraud in connection with a 1986 house fire in Monroe County. The jury returned the “not guilty” verdict after four hours of deliberation.

Wood, who served as district judge for the 29th Judicial District from 1982-1986, had been accused of deliberately burning his partially built home in Monroe County in order to collect more than $50,000 in insurance money.

The trial was moved to Adair County after Wood’s lawyers argued that he could not receive a fair trial in Monroe County.

1970: The Adair County News reported on a 50-year trend of Adair County voters’ ever-growing support of Republican candidates.

The GOP received 53 percent of all Adair County votes from 1920 until 1934; 57.3 percent from 1935 until 1944; and 60.4 percent from 1945 through 1969. Additionally, Adair County had supported Republican candidates in 17 of the previous 19 presidential elections.

Commenting on statewide voting trends, the report concluded with the following bit of information: “Kentuckians tend to vote Rooster in state elections but for the log cabin in national elections.”

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